As the majority of our customers are local companies, our site is not available in English for the time being.
However, we are fully capable of handling requests of international customers and we are more than happy to offer our full range of services to English speaking customers as well.

From our experience we know that these services might be of particular interest to two types of customers. The first type are international companies looking for support when it comes to Swiss VAT.

As Switzerland is not a member of the European Union, the Swiss VAT-law is often a bit puzzling for companies from abroad. Still it is not always possible to avoid Swiss VAT altogether. To work with a local partner therefore often simplifies matters. We at Revidoc have years of experience with every aspect of the Swiss VAT.

The second type of customers are people from abroad working and living temporarily or permanently in Switzerland. Sooner or later these expatriates (or expats) are usually confronted with some sort of Swiss tax. As we have lots of experience with the local tax, we can usually take care of all sorts of tax problems quickly. We know: the fewer time our customers spend with tax bureaucracy, the better it is.

A few additional samples of what we do:

  • Accounting
  • Year-end closing
  • Tax advice
  • Controlling
  • Real estate management
  • Company foundations
  • VAT advice
  • and much more

What can we do for you? Do not hesitate to contact us!